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From Earth to Earth

This campaign aims to reduce our per capita carbon footprint by introducing  alternative products which are biodegradable and have lower carbon footprints.


Measure of success:

1) Reduction in per capita carbon footprint

2) Ability to return consumables to earth within two years of consumption

In The Lab


Have you done your green deed today? This campaign aims to reduce our per capita carbon footprint by increasing citizen awareness and promoting alternative consumer behaviour. 

Measure of success:

1) Total number of followers

2) Total number of views of marketing collateral


The Green Integrator

This campaign aims to aggregate global sustainability solutions and offers industrial oversupply for consumption.

Measure of success:

1) Number of products purchased

2) Total carbon savings from products purchased


Food Lifecycle

This campaign aims to recognize the 3 different stages of food, from raw to ripe. Before they are composted through residential digesters, and returned back to soil to grow kitchen herbs.

Measure of success:

1) Ability of MDWs to use home composters on a daily basis

2) Time taken by MDWs to grow kitchen herbs

Growing Plants

Back to the Moon

This campaign aims to  improve gender diversity by recognising the contribution of women and providing them employment opportunities.

Measure of success:

1) Number of women provided employment

2) Number of women groomed to the boardroom

Female Presenter

I am a Green Citizen

This campaign aims to provide corporations and consumers with an opportunity to step into the sustainable world. Our experts will plan, guide and setup events in accordance to zero waste best practices. 

Measure of success:

1) Total number of eco-friendly events planned

2) Total number of sustainability trainings conducted

Conference presentation

Nature Based Products

This campaign aims to identify common kitchen ingredients that can be transformed into beauty products, cleaning agents and insect repellents that can replace store-bought products.

Measure of success:

1) Efficacy of home made solutions

2) Time taken to produce

Natural Cosmetics

Green Jobs

This campaign aims to pilot changes in productivity, innovation and the happiness qoutient of employees, by granting them 2 flexible work hours per week. In return, employees will brainstorm one process improvement, revenue generation or ESG idea per month.

Measure of success:

1) Total new ideas generated per month

2) Employee Contactability during green hours

3) Completion of tasks assigned within deadline

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