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As a new age enterprise, Bartley Traders is proud to have introduced social cause very early into our corporate structure with people, planet, profit and purpose ingrained into our business model. We believe every company has natural capital and every individual can be an asset. Our goal is to demonstrate to corporations that social cause need not be a separate function from the firm but rather an element they can cultivate, grow and profit proudly.

From Earth to Earth

Creating opportunities to reduce our per capita carbon footprint  by converting food waste into organic fertilizers through the use of digester systems and returning them to earth to regrow into kitchen herbs.

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Back to the Moon

Creating opportunities for Mums & Grandmums who have valuable skills but are displaced by technology by bringing their offerings back to the market.


We are also working with a group of highly creative girls from various educational institutions who carefully prototype and re-engineer products from our collection drives. These products undergo research and development and have to qualify our in-house standards of repurposing before being labelled and released into the market. 

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